Traveling nude art model, freelance writer, and builder of large-scale art installations.

Also: roustabout, ragamuffin, bonne vivante, instagator, agathist.

Recent timeline:

Spring 2015: Bicycled up the US Atlantic Coast; modeled in major cities en-route; trusted in the kindness of strangers; purveyed fracas, whimsy, and spunk; recorded the journey.

Summer 2015: Volunteered to build a temple for Mazu—patron saint of sailors, travelers, and risk-takers—for a Taiwanese art collective; slaved away doing carpentry, pyrotechnics, painting; razed it to the ground at Burning Man.

Fall 2015: Jet-setting around the USA for a farewell-for-now modeling tour; hoping for a chance to connect with favorite artists and humans before extended travels abroad.